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  1. This limited warranty is given to the consumer of the product ("Customer"). It does not exclude or limit any rights of the Customer that have been provided by law.
  2. The warranty period is 12 or 24 months in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions on production flaws and defective material and is valid from the original date of purchase. In case of replacement of the product, warranty period will continue for the remaining of the 12 or 24 month period.
  3. During the warranty period, NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd. can repair or replace the defective item free of charge in its sole discretion and will return the given item to the customer in working condition. In case of repair the defective part will be replaced or fixed. All materials or other equipment that have been replaced will then be property of NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd.
  4. This limited warranty does not apply where:
    • Direct or indirect damage was caused after purchase of given item.
    • Item was used contrary to the manufacturer's instructions, (i.e. hard use, exposure to moisture or extreme thermal or environmental conditions or rapid changes in such conditions, dust, corrosion, oxidation, unauthorized modifications or connections, not authorized opening or repair, repair by use of unauthorized spare parts, misuse, improper installation, accident, dropping food or liquid, influence from chemical products or any natural causes) or other actions without advise and approval of NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd.
    • NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd. is not notified by the Customer for the defect or item is not returned within thirty (30) days after the appearance of the defect within the warranty period.
    • Item's serial number, bar code or the IMEI number, have been withdrawn, obliterated, tampered, altered or are impossible to read.
    • The defect was caused by network or electrical problems (i.e. improper voltage) that has been connected to.
    • The defect was caused by connecting item with components that do not comply with the technical characteristics of the device.
    • Item's software has been upgraded or tampered with by an unauthorized person.
    • The defect is due to file or program installed in the internal or external memory of device.
    • Limited warranty of NCE Nickey’s Electronic Components Ltd
    • Item had not been purchased by NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd.
  5. For the limited warranty to be valid, the customer must present the original invoice of the item and deliver given item to NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd.
  6. This limited warranty replaces all other warranties and liabilities, whether oral, written (non-mandatory) by law, conventional or other. For any problems of given item not listed above, the company assumes no responsibility of repair. We shall only inform the customer and request approval for any necessary additional charge.
  7. If item comes to defect after warranty's expiry or if not purchased by NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd. all repair charges will burden exclusively the consumer after seeking his consent.
  8. NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd. accepts no liability for any total or partial loss of personal data during the repair of the device. Only the legitimate user of the product has the exclusive responsibility for the storage of personal data which are in any electronic device. Also, NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd. accepts no responsibility for the partial or total loss of data, which may be due to a defect in the electronic device, whether it came from manufacturing error (which is under warranty) or from user error (where it's out of warranty).
  9. If the customer does not come within six months to collect the items left for repair, the company accepts no responsibility for their safekeeping.
  10. NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd. products are guaranteed either by the company itself or by the official representative in Cyprus or within the European Union.
  11. All consumables or accessories of a product i.e. (lamps, chargers, batteries, headphones, power supplies, ink and so on) are not covered by warranty.
  12. Any change or modification to this limited warranty shall require the prior written approval of the NCE Nickey's Electronic Components Ltd.

In case of professional use

Devices that are in almost daily use for commercial benefits or profit gain, fall under the category of "professional use". These include devices that are frequently used in commercial environments i.e. clubs, coffee-shops, restaurants, shops, caterings etc… The warranty period for these devices, is therefore reduced to 6 months given the fact that they are used more frequently hence are much more subject to wear. Any commercial warranty will leave these rights without prejudice.